Cloud solutions will help Apple to enter corporate market

Cloud solutions will help Apple to enter corporate market

It goes without saying that Microsoft has managed to occupy the market segment that brings the biggest money. I’m talking about corporate market. Even if we take into consideration constantly lowering PC sales, Redmond company still will make good money at the corporate market. Nevertheless, experts still claim from time to time that Apple as a corporate platform has a lot of chances to be a success. Though it won’t be an immediate one.

It should be mentioned that Apple doesn’t try to enter a corporate market directly. Vice versa, they managed to appear there due to their success at the mobile market. Now, after BlackBerry has given up positions as a corporate mobile solutions supplier, and when there’s still a little confidence in Android in terms of safety measures, iPhone and iPad have become a new corporate standard. Apple mobile operating system is much more interesting for corporate users in terms of data safety and quality built-in MDM-solutions.

Mac computers get to a corporate market via this mobile loophole: many companies follow the BYOB trend and try to build an ecosystem in such a way as not to spend additional money. This is why the most successful corporate Apple products are iPad, iPhone and MacBook Air.

But if we scrutinize the question, we’ll see that Apple has another advantage at the corporate market. This advantage is cloud technologies.

Though not using Apple devices widely, corporate society use cloud solutions very actively. Today the questions of standardization and data safety are the key ones, and this is where Apple’s cloud technology has advantage over most of other companies. Secondly, many software companies move their services to clouds. For example, Adobe announced that they don’t sell Creative Suite any more. Instead, they offer a subscription to Creative Cloud – the same service, only cloud one. Surely, you can keep older versions of software installed on corporate computers but sooner or later updates and upgrade will make you consider moving to clouds. And apart from that, more and more corporate vendors announce improved support for OS X, Salesforce, SAP, Rackspace, QickBooks among them. In addition to that, a lot of development companies (like Intellectsoft) prefer developing for iOS in the first turn.

It goes without saying that Windows will hold leading positions at the corporate market for some time. But Apple has become the first really powerful competitor, even though the company doesn’t make corporate market their primary goal. At least at the moment.

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