Some New Features of Windows Blue

Some New Features of Windows Blue

For a long time there were only rumors around the upcoming update for Windows 8 called Windows Blue. After a long period of silence Microsoft officially announced that Windows Blue will be officially presented during developers’ conference BUILD 2013 in San Francisco. But the first build of WB has already leaked to the Internet and surely it has got a lot of attention. So what new features will we see in Windows Blue?

Annual Windows updates

Most computer users and specialists are conservatives and stick to a rule “don’t touch it unless it doesn’t work”. For Intellectsoft software developers it’s a real problem. When a good product is released it gets a lot of users who like it. After that it’s very hard to make users to change their minds and move on to anything else. Window XP became such a product for Microsoft. But looks like Windows decided to change the situation.
On the screenshots that appeared on the Internet one may see, that this version got a 6.3 version of kernel. Windows Vista’s kernel version is 6.0, Windows 7’s – 6.1, and Windows 8’s – 6.2. So looks like the update not only for a new kernel, but can become a separate version of Microsoft’s operating system.


We will again see the feature of multitasking in Windows Blue. Surely, thanks to the Metro interface. Now you will be able to place 2 or even 4 full-screen application close to each other. What is more, if you connect another monitor you’ll be able to work with 4 or 8 apps simultaneously. Tile interface becomes more and more functional. Such apps as calculator or alarm clock pre-installed in Windows Blue will be able to work with the multitasking mode.
Well, may be at first this feature will not be very popular. In the end, there’re not many situations when you need several apps be really active simultaneously on the main screen.

Metro explorer

Tile interface has got its own explorer which is developed in the same way as standard Metro applications. The look of new explorer is unusual, but actually it performs the same functions as a regular desktop explorer does – copying of files, creating new folders, etc. By the way, new multitasking mode can be very useful when working with this explorer.

Internet Explorer 11

Traditionally, with big Windows update Microsoft updates its browser as well. All previous versions of this browser were identified as MSIE, and due to this fact sites could have adapt browser rendering with the help of CSS. This version is simply IE, and it means that those sites that have different CSS versions for different browsers will have to edit their CSS code for IE 11.
Among the useful features of a new browser we can mention the syncing of open tabs. Surely, this feature is not knew and all major browsers already support it, but better late than never.
Windows Blue can work as a picture frame
No, it’s not a joke. Windows Blue will have a mode when you can use any picture from your local drive or SkyDrive instead of a locker screen. Thus a Windows Surface Pro tablet may turn into a picture frame. Not the most useful improvement Microsoft developers could have thought of, to be honest.

Even more tiles

Metro interface is the main peculiarity of Windows 8. But the thing is that with this interface all users’ screens will look the same. In Windows’s traditional interface a user had more possibilities to stand his or her computer out of the crowd. It is supposed that users will get more freedom in Windows Blue as compared to Windows 8.

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